Make confident, intelligent corporate real estate decisions

Requests for Proposals (RFP’s)


By soliciting proposals in terms consistent with your requirements and analyzing the landlord’s responses in accordance with terms set forth by you, bottom-line comparisons can be made on all issues.

Develop RFP to which Owner’s Representative will respond, based on our client’s criteria, such as:

  • Initial square footage needed
  • Expansion space if needed: how much and when
  • Tenant finish standards, and method of accommodating non-standard construction
  • Special requirements like extra or after-hour air conditioning, heavy electrical use, special parking needs, etc.
  • Options to renew
  • Financial considerations of lease rate, escalations, concessions and incentives
  • Disclosure of any expenses to you as the Tenant that are not covered by the base lease rate
  • Particular locations within the property considered most attractive to Tenant’s business.

If time is of the essence at this point, Landlord’s “standard” lease could be obtained for preliminary review by Client’s legal counsel.

Present RFP’s to Owner Representatives of “Most Qualified” buildings under consideration