Make confident, intelligent corporate real estate decisions

Post Transaction Services


We at Advocate Commercial stay involved and are available for consultation throughout the lease term.

Schedules and Communication We help to make sure that construction completion and your desired occupancy date remain on compatible schedules.

Lease Management We stay accountable for the lease we’ve helped establish for your company.

  • Your company will be set up with its own “Control Center” at, where you will always have instant access to your lease documentation, projected costs, market conditions and reminders of lease events such as notification dates of options to expand or terminate your lease.
  • You will also receive monthly office lease status reports so important opportunities and upcoming changes in your lease situation won’t stay “out of sight, out of mind” too long.

Follow up for Client Satisfaction We will monitor client satisfaction throughout occupancy of the space.

  • Does the space continue to meet your present and future needs as expected when the lease was executed?
  • Is the landlord responding to your needs?

Repeat the Process When the time comes to consider your options again at the end of your lease term, we take what we learned about your company’s needs and expectations for the future and continue to make sure your real estate needs continue to be well-served.

We look forward to working with you as you consider the best course of action for your office space.