Make confident, intelligent corporate real estate decisions

Why Tenant Rep Services?


Advocate Commercial Real Estate, LLC was founded to promote the interests of Office and Office/Warehouse Tenants and Buyers in Metropolitan Atlanta’s office market. The many issues answered by the service we provide are rooted in Two Basic Problems for the Office Tenant:

  • Basic Problem #1: The necessary tasks are outside your firm’s operational focus.

Though office rent is usually a substantial portion of a company’s expenses, and office space is an integral part of the business itself, Office Tenants are rightfully preoccupied with their own operations and don’t have or cannot devote the company’s time and resources to go about this process of carefully assessing their alternatives.

SOLUTION: Our Time becomes Your Resource. Leverage your time, effort and other resources by delegating this time-consuming process to Advocate Commercial as your “Real Estate Department”. Our objective here is to eliminate your wasted time in varying stages of the process, while involving you in the important areas that require your control and decision-making.

  • Basic Problem #2: The necessary expertise and market knowledge are outside your firm’s field of endeavor on which you have focused to be successful.

Even if office users did have the time to tackle this project themselves, do they really have the in-house expertise to efficiently find the best space, and then most effectively negotiate for it?

Property owners hire professional representation to lease their buildings, and their job is to sign leases that are most advantageous to the Owners. These representatives are in the market every day, whereas Office Tenants are typically only exposed to the office market and this process every three to five years.

SOLUTION: Our Expertise becomes Your Resource.  Level the playing field by leveraging your own expertise.  Negotiate and make real estate decisions in the more familiar light of easily comparable projected cash flows translated from proposals submitted by your prospective landlords. Our objective here is to clearly define and compare your choices against each other, and market conditions in general.

At Advocate Commercial, our knowledge and expertise gained from professional training and education, and experience earned through our years in Atlanta’s office market are available to you as our Client.

Resources like our lease and investment analysis software and on-line commercial real estate databases help us to provide our Clients access to Atlanta’s highest quality, most up to date information and decision-making tools for finding and procuring office space. Technology is helping us all work smarter. But regardless of the current and future technological advances assisting us in our efforts, we believe that our old fashioned way of serving our Clients remains, and will survive as, our most valuable asset:

“Loyal Attention to our Clients’ Needs Through Professional Service and Personal Responsiveness”.

Our clients have included Fortune 500 office users like Hershey Chocolate USA and The Gillette Company; international companies like DeSmet Process & Technology; national companies like Rollins Leasing and Bell & Howell Phillipsburg, and quality local firms like Mini-Maid Corporation, a company admired and recognized for its excellence in customer service orientation.

Call us for any questions you might have on any aspect of what we do and how we do it.  Our most effective means of serving you requires open information all the way around, and the best place to start is by answering your questions.

Our time and expertise are yours with a mutual commitment to proceed on your behalf. We look forward to the possibility of being appointed your Tenant Representatives, and moving forward to help you assess your alternatives.