Make confident, intelligent corporate real estate decisions

Looking for office space? At Advocate Commercial Real Estate, we use our knowledge of the Atlanta office market and our experience in the office procurement process to match our clients’ needs with the best office location available. We then negotiate the most favorable lease/purchase terms for the office tenant/buyer.

Over 30 years of successful experience working with large and small corporate real estate users, along with our advanced training offer our clients these advantages:

  • Save Money: Negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength, with the advantages of third party negotiation and advocacy. Optimize your company’s real estate expenditures.
  • Save Time: Leverage your time and resources by outsourcing the many¬† time-consuming tasks associated with the procurement of office space. Your time is better spent running your business.
  • Reduce Risk: Avoid the pitfalls of inexperience in or incomplete information about the office market or procurement process. Let your office lease work for you, not against you.
  • Be Confident in knowing you’ve selected your location from the largest number of suitable properties, while efficiently focusing only on pertinent choices.
  • Make Wise, Justified Decisions: Position your company to make wise real estate decisions, just as you make them within your own area of expertise.
  • Minimize Inevitable Disruption to your business.